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IGT slot machine not working - News:

the door open "50 code" could be caused by the door lock switch not working, or the white cherry switch not working or being mis-wired. there are a red and green button located on the meter panel, right side of the reel bundle, with the door open ,you should be able to press one of them and put a credit on the machine, the other will take you through the test menus. How to set BV or bill acceptor to credit pay only? •[7-1] 0000 Maximum number of credits that will actually cash out from your hopper. Zero effectively disables the hopper, but you can use a low number to match the number of coins that you have, if you wish. If you have more credits than the value set here on the meter, pressing cash out will become a hand pay that is cleared with the key. IGT Model B4933CW double diamond (1994) from Trump ... - News: For short term you could clear your machine, set it up again with a high credit limit on hopper and pull the cash out button switch so no accidentally cashing out and hope you don't hit a big win that exceeds the credit limit (if under $1200 {or the hopper limit} the game would start to try and pay from hopper) Bally 6000 error code 88FF - News: Hello all, finally getting ready to move all my machines to the new game room. Powered up the bally and got 88ff. Anyone know where I can get the clear chips from? Also it's been sitting for a while but had been plugged in, so if I if the battery is dead? I don't even know where the battery is on this thing.

**Reel Slots** Gaming Machines > IGT S and S-plus Reel Games.I have a triple diamond s+ slant top and in the winner paid display it is alternating 52 and 10.I have a manual but can't find what the 52 and 10 mean. (Game chip ?) If I push the button on the coin optics board I get dings and can spin...

After replacing the battery on my motherboard I realized my cash out button was not working. After testing everything and resetting everything I could not figure it out. Then I found the manual that said one way to stop people from hitting the cash out button just pull the switch from the button. Noob with a slot machine :-) - I saw that most of the S+ machines had the MPU behind the hopper, hence my confusion, but it looks like an S+ MPU cage. I gathered the S had wire bundles to be disconnected where the S+ used the pull out tray but maybe it's some sort of hybrid. I did notice the reel labels not being "correct" but I suppose it could just be a replacement reel. BETTOR TITO $59 - Ticket IN and Ticket OUT - News:

Devices/Light Controller::Process Exit Failure. Started by buzzarama ... Stinkin Rich - Trash for Cash CRASHES SYSTEM!! ... IGT AVP Games on Hard drives pulled from machines? ... Black Widow - Click sound when the reels stop ... SMLD Dynamic Button upgrade ... Does anyone have a list of games on Game King 8.2?

The most popular machines in the military were the IGT S+ "Red, White,& Blue" themed machines. Who woulda thunk dat? Anyways, the SS3370 is just a run-of-the-mill reel chip which is just a plain, normal Type 0 chip. Wish I could help more but there's really not much documentation laying around on them older SP chips. Triple Diamone Haywire Door Open M and Bill Validator ... That's what I'm struggling with. 1) The cash box door sensor has the wires shorted together fooling the switch. T 2) The behind the bottom glass switch has proven to be functional with an ohm-meter and also the button is depressed with the glass door closed. 3) I marked the main door optical sensor with a marking and they do line up perfectly. IGT S+ Balloon Bars - trouble setting up options When you push the test button you need to keep the door open. Each push of the button changes the test page. When you find an option you want to change use the spin reels to change. When you push the test button twice I think you will have a 2 or 5 in the far left window. Turn the key until you get to 9 in that window. S+ 200SS TO WBA 12SS UPGRADE NOT WORKING?? - News: I'm trying to upgrade my bv from 200ss to a wba12ss transport and head is 12ss ,the tag on transport says wba ss 13 v3.75 new 5, it don't have a ido(I was told it is set up for s+) I lifted the label up and label under it says (ido24).so I wonder.

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Issue with a Bill accepter on a IGT Slant top V-Poker Issue with a Bill accepter on a IGT Slant top V-Poker ... All slot machines have some type of security sensing on the cash storage area, that's a requirement by the ... Changing payout? - {stop the first time you see a “7” in the Coins-In display} Set your hopper and credit limits as follows: Note: To set these values, turn the jackpot reset key to change the selected (flashing) digit. Press the spin button to increment the flashing digit. [7-1] 0000 Maximum number of credits that will actually cash out from your hopper. New owner questions -