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Aluminium Extrusion | Aluminium Sheet Metal & Extrusion |… Shop for Aluminium Extrusion at cheap prices on eBay. Great deals on an Aluminium Sheet, Aluminium Bar, Box and more.Stems and Bases for 2020 / 2040 Aluminium Profiles. The Transport Base is only available to fit the 6 slot 2040 profile as the ends can be tapped M6 directly. V-Slot Linear Rail Extrusion V-Slot Linear Rail Extrusion. Out of stock! Click Image for Gallery.V-Slot is a high-quality aluminium linear rail profile with an extremely smooth v-groove on all four sides. It's precise, easy, and allows you unlimited design control through its modular nature.

Sydney-based 80/20 Australia specializes in T-Slot aluminium extrusion, offering an ... 80/20's aluminum T-slotted profiles are the basic building blocks.

T-slot Nuts can be inserted into the aluminium profile groove. T-slot nuts are useful for securing components onto aluminium profiles, as well as joining two profiles together, by creating a clamping force for a screw in the groove. M3, M4, M5, M6 and M8 screws can be used depending on which T-slot Nut you choose. AME System | Aluminium T-Slot Profile Extrusions ... With over 25 years experience in almost every industry, our products are built for the Australian workplace. Check out our range of T-slot Aluminium Extrusions and Accessories, as well as our Industrial Workstations & Accessories below and give us a call if you’ve got any questions.

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The versatility of this modular t-slot aluminum profile system makes it ideally suitable for machine bases and frames, linear slide systems, safety guarding and enclosures, worktables, structural framing and material handling.

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Aluminium Extrusion Australia - Robot Units All Robotunits aluminium extrusions have a 14mm wide as well as 14mm deep t-slot. This is very different from just about every other aluminium extrusion offered in australia or indeed the world. Generally, most companies offer extrusions with a 8mm or 10mm wide slot with varying depths. Aluminium extrusion profile System20 2020 in Melbourne T ... High quality T-slot Sytem 20 Aluminium extrusion profile. 2020 model. Features - High quality - Anodised - Comes in up to 3m long pieces - cutting is $3/cut. If you need custom sizes or different model we can supply it as well. Please note: the price is per metre length. Extrusion will be shipped in 1 Metre lengths. T-Slot Framing | Australia & New Zealand -