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Разработчики MMORPG Guild Wars 2 сообщили, что после выставок PAX East 2015 и Rezzed 2015 (12-14 марта) начнутся закрытые бета-тесты дополнения Heart of Thorns.И для участия в тесте потребуется активный аккаунт GW2.

Guild Wars 2: Heart Of Thorns (PC Download) for $22 ... - Dealzon Guild Wars 2: Heroic Edition hits $15.99 today in GMG's VIP gaming sale today dropping a further $4 from the drop we saw earlier this week. It may still be a better idea to pre-order the Heart of Thrones expansion (which gets you a free copy of GW2) but HOT hasn't announced its release date yet, and this will at least get you in the game right away cheaply. Path of Fire or Heart of Thorns? — Guild Wars 2 Forums If you care about the story then get HoT first. If you just care about game-play then it might help to get PoF first. The masteries are significantly easier to level up in PoF and can make doing the HoT maps a lot easier as well when it comes time to get that expansion. E3 2015: Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns Developer Interview Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns is currently available for pre-order and comes in three variants: Standard, Deluxe and Ultimate editions. The standard edition simply includes the expansion and the original game, as well as access to weekend beta events. Heart of Thorns builds - MetaBattle Guild Wars 2 Builds

Mar 31, 2019 ... For the Heart of Thorns beta variant, see Mistcleaver (historical). . Mistcleaver. png ... Upgrade Slot.png Unused Upgrade Slot: Infusion Slot ...

*This version of the game is no longer available for purchase, but previously purchased serial codes will still grant the items indicated. ** Heroic Edition items are only available to accounts that applied a Digital Deluxe or Collector's Edition game key after August 2013—when they were first offered. Gw2 Heart of Thorns Beta - How to Play Battle of Champion's Dusk Gw2 Heart of Thorns offers a brand new "Stronghold" Pvp game mode called the Battle of Champion's Dusk. Innovative...Exciting & Dynamic in "Stronghold" you and your allies infiltrate enemy lines ...

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Guild Wars 2 players rightly upset by Heart of Thorns' pre ... Heart of Thorns isn't cheap. As a £35/$50 expansion, its price is comparable to many full games. Personally, I'm okay with the cost, because I've already had plenty of value from Guild Wars 2. Heart of Thorns - Guild Wars 2 Wiki Guide - IGN Heart of Thorns is the very first Expansion Pack to Guild Wars 2. It was first announced at PAX South on January 24th, 2015. It became available for pre-purchase on June 16, 2015. The release date ... Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns

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By now you are no doubt familiar with the guild halls arriving in Guild Wars 2‘s Heart of Thorns expansion. What you probably didn’t expect is that the expansion is available for purchase as of tonight and is already stirring up controversy for its $49.99 standard rate that comes along with a copy of the base game whether you’ve already got it or not.